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Fun Activities and Historic Landmarks of Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach, Florida has many choices for your vacation and has many cultural activities. There many fun activities and historical sites that will keep you busy all day long such as museums, theaters and cultural attractions.

Vero Beach
From warm sunny day of Vero Beach then fresh yourself in Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. Disney’s Vero Beach resort is on the part of the Atlantic Ocean. There are two principal recreational activities in Vero Beach Resort such as swimming and lying out on the beach. You can also make more activities on yourself and to make it with your family also you can check out their plan activities. If you like to play golf they have a miniature golf, however if you like bicycle riding in there they have a bicycle for rent. The main highlight of Disney’s Vero Beach is naturally the large swimming pool and the children’s favorite the water slide.      

If you want to relax yourself here in Vero Beach then you can visit at Jaycee Park. This park is next to Conn Beach where this place is safe and guarded. It has boardwalk stretching southward more or less 2/3 mile by Ocean Drive. The park has fifteen large and often sumptuous tent or known as “pavilions” all with barbecues also has playground for children and a long boardwalk. Seaside Grill is also found in this place in which this restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch every day.
If you have time then visit to the oldest club in the city of Vero Beach which is the Vero Beach Country Club. This club features the heritage of Old Florida charm and self respecting character. This club is famous for its state of art also their intense paspalum grass on the newly renovated back nine golf courses.  Many new clubs in the city tried to make an atmosphere of Old Florida charm however only the Vero Beach Country club can make it. The club was founded by Arthur McKee and Waldo Sexton and it is originally famous as the Royal Park Golfer’s Association during 1920’s.   

Knowing the history of Vero Beach perhaps is one of the common first interests of every tourist. If you want to know the history of the place then visit to Vero Theater in which it is the historic theater in Vero Beach. It was designed by F.H. Trimble with a Mediterranean Revival style in which it is located at 2036 14th Avenue. Hunchback of Notre Dame was the first feature film in the theater during its opening on October 14, 1924. The theater was added and recognized to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on 28th of April 1992 however it was closed in 1985 when the nearby places opened multiplex theater.  

From the historic theater of Vero beach then visit also to the historic house of the city, the Hallstrom House. The Hallstrom House is a historic house in Vero Beach, Florida. It was begin as a 40-acre pineapple plantation in 1909 the main house was erected by Swedish horticulturist Axel Hallstrom. With help from Norse and Swedish craftsmen, the structure was completed in 1918. Later on, after Axel moved on to the Citrus business, he eventually moved out. In July 2000 efforts to preserve the remaining 5-acre plantation were achieved when Ruth Hallstrom willed them for the sole purpose on preserving the farmhouse. On June 6, 2002, the farmhouse was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.



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City of Vero Beach, Florida General Info

In the record of US Census Department the city of Vero Beach has a total area of 12.93 miles squared where the 11.107 miles squared is of the land and the remaining 1.85 is of its water. The city is located at 27°38′31″N 80°23′28″W / 27.64194°N 80.39111°W. The city is separated into two where on one side is by the Indian River Lagoon into the mainland and Orchid and on the other side the ocean front barrier island.  The population of the island composed of homeowners and those who lived in an upscale gated community so the island has a wide sort of income. The island does not allow developing high-rise hotels and large commercial centers to maintain a peaceful living community.
Vero Beach, Florida

The city of Vero Beach is in the River County, Florida, USA. The population of the city was estimated to 16,939 according to the US census of population as of 2006. The city is a main city of the Sebastian Vero Beach Metropolitan Statistical area where there are 130,100 people living there. In the city’s economy, Vero Beach is the home of the largest private employer in Indian River County which is the aviation manufacturer Piper aircraft. Aside from Piper Aircraft Company the city focuses on tourism during the month of December through April in which those days the high season occurs. The city of Vero Beach is also known for Indian River Grapefruit as well as the professional and service activities. The catering services are also known to the biggest area of senior citizen. 

In the city’s demographics, there were 17,705 people and 8,516 households and 4,777 families living in the city according to the census of 2000. The city’s density of population was 1,598.9 per square miles. The city has housing units of 10,286 with an average density of 928.9 per square mile. In the racial constitute of the city there were 92.7 percent white Americans which were the majority, the African American constitute 3.42 percent, the native American were .20 percent, the Asian constitute 1.24 percent, the pacific islander constitute 0.03 percent and the other remaining compose of different other races, while the Latino or Hispanic race constitute 5.79 percent of the population. The city has 8,516 families in which the 17.5 percent of it was the children under 18 years of age living with them. There were 44.4 percent married couples living together and there were 8.6 percent had a female homeowner with no husband. The non families constitute 43.9 percent, the families made up of individual were 36.4 percent and there were 16.6 percent had a 65 years old or older living with them. The average financial gain for a family in the city was $ 38,427. The average financial gain of the male compared to female was $ 31,271 and $ 24,022 respectively. The per capita income for the city was $30,940. About 6.4% of families and 9.1% of the population were below the poverty line, including 11.6% of those under age 18 and 4.5% of those ages 65 or over.

Vero Beach is home to the general producer for Piper Aircraft, which is the largest private employer in Indian River County. In addition to Piper, the majority of businesses in Vero Beach around tourism, especially during the peak season in December until April, the citrus industry, where it is known as Vero Beach Indian River Grapefruit, and professional and service activities, particularly those in the restaurant, a large senior population.
According to the World Almanac and Book of Facts, Vero Beach is at the eastern end of a demarcation line that separates Florida's climate into two zones, humid subtropical to the north of the town, tropical to the south. From Vero Beach, this line stretches straight across the state, with Bradenton, FL on the western end of the demarcation line. Vero Beach, Florida is a good place to live in with its moderate climate.


History of the city of Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach colonists began to make build homes during 1840s. The town began to boom in 1890 and the greatest momentum of growth during those years can be identified of two cases. The first of these two cases was the Henry Flagler’s East Coast Railroad or known as FEC was made and its operation began in 1893. This project was a farm to market road as its main purpose was to provide a fast shipping of the fishermen and farmers’ products to the northern market. In addition to, the growth of the land become fast. Also, most of the companies bought lands from the railroad and presented the whole cities. The linking of Fellsmere to Sebastian was made through the spur of the railroad.

The making of Drainage Districts during 1905 which brought growth to the area was identified as the second era of development. Through that project the development of the population earned impulse. Through the Drainage project many landed estate wetlands from unlivable land turn to a highly real estate. As a result, The Fellsmere Farm Company and the Indian River Farms Company were founded in 1910 and 1912 respectively. Those two large companies were funded privately in Indian River County.  

In 1919 the first bridge was made and this bridge connecting the mainland to the barriers island and on that year the Vero Beach was integrated. In 1924 the Indian River County has been made when the Vero Beach business owners forced for breakup from adjacent St. Lucie County. From 1942 to 1947 the municipal airport of Vero Beach was serving as a naval air station. Also in 1957 the Piper Aircraft constructed a research and development center on the bases of the late naval station.
Vero Beach was the place of Dodger town where the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers baseball made their spring training camp during 1948 to 2008 become they transfer to a new facilities in Arizona. The sports arena was also the home of the minor league Vero Beach Devil Rays. However, the license was clod to the Ripken Baseball Group and it didn’t come back for the 2009 season in Vero Beach. In 2009, Dodger town was leased to Minor League Baseball, and there is no word yet if a new team will make it its home.

As the era ended, the railroad offered a faster mode of travel and broadened the markets for citrus and produce. It also opened up venues for passenger travel. The drainage district program created better agricultural lands and industries.  Cities grew and the face of Vero Beach and Indian River County changed forever. Today, with 98 percent of Vero Beach developed or built-out, public concern has turned to preserving the natural beauty of the town with a focus on organized growth, green space and the preservation of wildlife and historical buildings.